The iconv slurp misfeature

Since I got bitten by this recently, let me blog a quick warning here: glibc iconv - a utility for character set conversions, like iso8859-1 or windows-1252 to utf-8 - has a nasty misfeature/bug: if you give it data on stdin it will slurp the entire file into memory before it does a single character conversion.

Which is fine if you're running small input files. If you're trying to convert a 10G file on a VPS with 2G of RAM, however ... not so good!

This looks to be a known issue, with patches submitted to fix it in August 2015, but I'm not sure if they've been merged, or into which version of glibc. Certainly RHEL/CentOS 7 (with glibc 2.17) and Ubuntu 14.04 (with glibc 2.19) are both affected.

Once you know about the issue, it's easy enough to workaround - there's an iconv-chunks wrapper on github that breaks the input into chunks before feeding it to iconv, or you can do much the same thing using the lovely GNU parallel e.g.

gunzip -c monster.csv.gz | parallel --pipe -k iconv -f windows-1252 -t utf8

Nasty OOM avoided!

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