'mason_blocks' blosxom plugin

I've just released my first blosxom plugin into the wild. 'mason_blocks' is a blosxom plugin implementing simple conditional and comment blocks using HTML::Mason-style syntax, for use in blosxom flavour and template files.


# Mason-style conditionals
% if ($pagetype::pagetype ne 'story') {
<a href="$permalink::story#comments">Comments ($feedback::count)</a>
% } else {
<a href="$permalink::story#leave_comment">Leave a comment</a>
% }

# Mason-style comments
%# Only show a comments section if there are comments
% if ($feedback::count > 0) {
% }

# Mason-style block comments

I wrote it when I couldn't get the interpolate_fancy plugin to work properly with nested tags, and because I wanted proper perl conditions and if-else support. mason_blocks provides all the conditional functionality of interpolate_fancy, but not other stuff like 'actions'.

mason_blocks is available from the blosxom plugins CVS repository.

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