Blosxom hcard plugin

Building on my initial set of blosxom microformat plugins, the hcard plugin provides a global hcard variable for inclusion in your blosxom templates.

To use it, you simply define the set of hcard data to use in an 'hcard.yml' file in your blosxom data directory, and then include $hcard::hcard somewhere in your blosxom flavours/template. An example hcard.yml for me might be:

Name: Gavin Carr
Organisation: Open Fusion
Role: Chief Geek
Suburb: Wahroonga
State: NSW
Postcode: 2076
Country: Australia
Latitude: -33.717718
Longitude: 151.117158
HCard-Class: nodisplay
HCard-Style: div-span

I'm using hcard here, so if you have microformat support in your browser (e.g. via the Operator plugin, if using firefox) you should be able to see my hcard on this page.

As usual, available in the blosxom sourceforge CVS repository.

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