Top Firefox Extensions

I've been meaning to document the set of firefox extensions I'm currently using, partly to share with others, partly so they're easy to find and install when I start using a new machine, and partly to track the way my usage changes over time. Here's the current list:

Obligatory Extensions

  • Greasemonkey - the fantastic firefox user script manager, allowing client-side javascript scripts to totally transform any web page before it gets to you. For me, this is firefox's "killer feature" (and see below for the user scripts I recommend).

  • Flash Block - disable flash and shockwave content from running automatically, adding placeholders to allow running manually if desired (plus per-site whitelists, etc.)

  • AdBlock Plus - block ad images via a right-click menu option

  • Chris Pederick's Web Developer Toolbar - a fantastic collection of tools for web developers

  • Joe Hewitt's Firebug - the premiere firefox web debugging tool - its html and css inspection features are especially cool

  • Daniel Lindkvist's Add Bookmark Here extension, adding a menu item to bookmark toolbar dropdowns to add the current page directly in the right location

Optional Extensions

  • Michael Kaply's Operator - a very nice microformats toolbar, for discovering the shiny new microformats embedded in web pages, and providing operations you can perform on them

  • Zotero - a very interesting extension to help capture and organise research information, including webpages, notes, citations, and bibliographic information

  • Colorful Tabs - tabs + eye candy - mmmmm!

  • Chris Pederick's User Agent Switcher - for braindead websites that only think they need IE

  • ForecastFox - nice weather forecast widgets in your firefox status bar (and not just US-centric)

Greasemonkey User Scripts

So what am I missing here?


Since this post, I've added the following to my must-have list:

  • Tony Murray's Print Hint - helps you find print stylesheets and/or printer-friendly versions of pages

  • the Style Sheet Chooser II extension, which extends firefox's standard alternate stylesheet selection functionality

  • Ron Beck's JSView extension, allowing you to view external javascript and css styles used by a page

  • The It's All Text extension, allowing textareas to be editing using the external editor of your choice.

  • The Live HTTP Headers plugin - invaluable for times when you need to see exactly what is going on between your browser and the server

  • Gareth Hunt's Modify Headers plugin, for setting arbitrary HTTP headers for web development

  • Sebastian Tschan's Autofill Forms extension - amazingly useful for autofilling forms quickly and efficiently