Cityrail Timetables Greasemonkey Script

I got sufficiently annoyed over last week's Cityrail Timetable fiasco that I thought I'd contribute something to the making-Cityrail-bearable software ecosystem.

So this post is to announce a new Greasemonkey script called Cityrail Timetables Reloaded [CTR], available at the standard Greasemonkey repository on, that cleans up and extensively refactors Cityrail's standard timetable pages.

Here's a screenshot of Cityrail's initial timetable page for the Northern line:

Cityrail standard timetable

and here's the same page with CTR loaded:

Cityrail timetable via CTR

CTR loads a configurable number of pages rather than forcing you to click through them one by one, and in fact will load the whole set if you tell it to.

It also has support for you specifying the 'from' and 'to' stations you're travelling between, and will highlight them for you, as well as omit stations well before or well after yours, and any trains that don't actually stop at your stations. This can compress the output a lot, allowing you to fit more pages on your screen:

Cityrail timetable via CTR

I can't see Cityrail having a problem with this script since it's just taking their pages and cleaning them up, but we shall see.

If you're a firefox/greasemonkey user please try it out and post your comments/feedback here or on the userscripts site.