Came across cronologger (blog post) recently (via Dean Wilson), which is a simple wrapper script you use around your cron(8) jobs, which captures any stdout and stderr output and logs it to a couchdb database, instead of the traditional behaviour of sending it to you as email.

It's a nice idea, particularly for jobs with important output where it would be nice to able to look back in time more easily than by trawling through a noisy inbox, or for sites with lots of cron jobs where the sheer volume is difficult to handle usefully as email.

Cronologger comes with a simple web interface for displaying your cron jobs, but so far it's pretty rudimentary. I quickly realised that this was another place (cf. blosxom4nagios) where blosxom could be used to provide a pretty useful gui with very little work.

Thus: cronologue.

cronologue(1) is the wrapper, written in perl, which logs job records and and stdout/stderr output via standard HTTP PUTs back to a designated apache server, as flat text files. Parameters can be used to control whether job records are always created, or only when there is output produced. There's also a --passthru mode in which stdout and stderr streams are still output, allowing both email and cronologue output to be produced.

On the server side a custom blosxom install is used to display the job records, which can be filtered by hostname or by date. There's also an RSS feed available.

Obligatory screenshot:

Cronologue GUI

Update: I should add that RPMs for CentOS5 (but which will probably work on most RPM-based distros) are available from my yum repository.